Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Federal Employee Dental Insurance Plans

Comparing Dental Plans
So it's open season for government employees. That means reevaluating your health plan options, including Federal employee dental coverage. Federal employees have several dental insurance plans from which to choose.  While there are several to select, there are other more economical options beyond traditional insurance plans.

The Best Dental Plan for Federal Employees
These days, everyone is especially budget conscious. Take a look at a better approach that may save you even more on dental care - discount dental plans. The overall value is what you need to compare.

Keys things to review for dental plans:
  • Can you review a fee schedule for ADA procedures upfront
  • How much are the monthly premiums
  • Do you need to provide co-pays
  • What percentage will you have to pay
  • Is there a yearly limit
  • How long do I have to wait to use for braces and orthodontia 
Discount Dental Plans are a Better Value
When you add up what a family pays for dental insurance it's easy to see why more savvy consumers are turning to discount plans like the Careington Dental Plan.

You Pay Less and Get More Value. 
With discount dental plans, there are no high monthly costs, no waiting periods or dollar limits and you can use nationwide. The best part is that as a consumer you know upfront what you will pay. Careington has an easy to use tool that provides you with the already negotiated discount. That allows you to make an educated decision about your treatment and how you will pay for the procedure ... before you enter the dentist office. Dentists love the discount plans because they don't need to waste time and money filing insurance claims and they get paid at the time of service.They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee - so you can try it out see for yourself with no risk.

Compare for Yourself
Simply go to www.CareDP.com and see how much money a discount plan can save you on dental care.

Overview of of Available Federal Employee Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Plan Brochure Plan website Provider Search
Aetna Life Insurance Company Plan Brochure PDF
[251 KB]
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Government Employees Health Association, Inc. (GEHA) Plan Brochure PDF
[779 KB]
Go. Go.
MetLife Inc. Plan Brochure PDF
[708 KB]
Go. Go.
United Concordia Companies, Inc. Plan Brochure PDF
[679 KB]
Go. Go.
Group Health, Inc. (Regional plan - see plan brochure for service area) Plan Brochure PDF
[158 KB]
Go. Go.
Humana/CompBenefits (Regional plan - see plan brochure for service area) Plan Brochure PDF
[518 KB]
Go. Go.
Triple S Salud, Inc. (Regional plan - see plan brochure for service area) Plan Brochure PDF
[769 KB]
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  1. If you want to waste $74.25/month get GEHA dental. 3 visits to my dentist and GEHA dental paid $0.00. Scammed and they won't let us drop until open season.

    1. Totally agree. I will be dropping them this open season. They paid $2 on a claim of mine whereas before they would pay almost the full balance when my primary insurance didn't (for basic services like cleanings, fillings, restoration. GEHA has now set prices for services based on your zip code, whether in network or out of network. GEHA will only pay if there is a difference between what your main insurance paid and the amount they set for the service you received. If they are setting the same prices for these basic services similar to your main insurance, what is the point of paying for supplemental dental insurance? There is none. The only way GEHA's plan would be beneficial for me is if I have a service performed that is not covered at all by my main insurance(ex. implants, crowns, etc.)but is covered by GEHA. THIS IS SO NOT RIGHT!!!

  2. If you want to waste $74.25/month get GEHA dental. 3 visits to my dentist and GEHA dental paid $0.00. Scammed and they won't let us drop until open season.

  3. Great Post! It's very nice to read this info from someone that actually knows what they are talking about. employee benefits program New York

  4. GHI Emblem plan is like having no dental plan at all. It does not provide any benefits, which are indicated in the plan.

    My annual premium is over 80 per month annually as a retired GOV employee for spouse & myself.

    Network dentist broke my bridge & drilled through & broke my spouses wisdom tooth left the broken root.

    We had to go to a real, qualified dentist who was out of network to repair the damages that was done by the network dentist.

    Prior to the necessary work the dentist called GHI Emblem to ensure proper procedure was followed. The dentist was informed by GHI Emblem, that crown ex-rays were only required after 5 years. Therefore no new ex-rays were authorized or require.

    After the claim was submitted GHI Emblem determined that the ex-rays of 5 years were too old & they needed ex-rays of 3 years prior to the working being done.

    Various conversations to GHI Emblem did not help. After speaking to Supervisor named Cierra R. GHI Emblem explaining the above, she informed me that the claim is denied.

    I am appealing ........

    Do not get Emblem Dental plan it is a waste of money..... Your better off not paying the monthly deduction saving the money for work you need to get done. I lost $ 1000.00 annually got no benefits.

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